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Niiza comfortable mirai fourth Oedo Niiza festival is held

    Summer feature "Awa Folk Dance" of Niiza. That hot festival is held this year. On the day, commencing with Awa Folk Dance, performance and hip-hop dance, samba of wind music are performed and Olympics Paralympics P R booth exhibits and is full very much. Oedo Niiza festival official site (external link) clicks this Date From Saturday, July 21, 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Place...

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It recruits staff of ... city! By "young power by the future of Niiza!" ...

... which recruits the new hiring staff (general office work, engineer [building, engineering works]) dated ... April 1, 2019 The offer type of job, intake, eligibility requirements for an examination The type of job Division Is going to adopt; the staff Educational background, qualification The date of birth General office work University graduate Short university graduate High-school graduate Ten people Degree One that graduated from university, junior college or high school or possibility to graduate by March, 2019 After April 2, 1990 April, 1993...

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