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Recycling market image

We hold recycling market of the 26th autumn

 We hold autumn recycling market not to throw away disused thing as "garbage" at home, and to reuse, and to have citizens think about "weight loss of garbage" and "recycling".  Daily necessities and clothing, toy, many branches including baby article which are idle in each family are planned.  In addition, other than local fresh vegetables, recycling product, sale of food and drink, it is ibe such as garbage weight loss enlightenment poster exhibition or garbage generating restraint motto exhibition...

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City street eleventh - Route 01

It recruits naming rights partners.

It recruits naming rights partners of Niiza city street.   We sell right (naming rights) that Niiza city street can name nickname name, and naming rights business is to allot the income for maintenance administrative expense such as roads and civic security is reliable and makes use and is business for the purpose of providing place of expansion and local contribution at opportunity of advertisement of company. In city, it recruits naming rights partners who can approve of business. Target road One city...

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